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Gabriel Paillasson, sponsor chef of the 13th edition of Capfruit’s Casse-Croûte des Chefs

Capfruit organized its traditional Casse-Croûte des Chefs on June 17, 2019 in Anneyron in the Drome department of France

For this 13e edition, Capfruit was very proud to welcome Gabriel Paillasson, the Founding President of the Pastry World Cup and Sponsor Chef of this event.

The morning was spent visiting the production site, which gave catering professionals from across the globe the opportunity to discover just how Capfruit’s delicious fruit purées are prepared.  Next the visitors were able to taste these purées, not only the classics but also the creations in the ‘Seasonal Flavors’ range and the Fruit’Elite Nuts purées. On a day blessed with abundant sunshine, the new vegan range, Fruit’Soft was particularly appreciated, as these products are just perfect for creating 100% natural sorbets, packed full of fruity flavor.

The day also gave the Chefs and all Capfruit’s many partners the opportunity to meet Eliane and David Bégot, fruit producers at Chanas in the Isère department, who welcomed us to their fruit farm where all our guests gathered for lunch in the heart of the orchards.

Always a moment of conviviality, this 13th edition of the Casse-Croûte des Chefs was no exception, a shared moment of peace and pleasure for all present, all catering professionals inspired by a shared passion for the land and what the land has to offer.


Gabriel Paillasson, a key player in the world of Pastry

A master craftsman and winner of more than a hundred or so competitions, Gabriel Paillasson is the only person ever to have won the titles of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ in both Pastry and Ice cream. An Officer of the Légion d’Honneur, his name has featured in the definitive Larousse Guide to Gastronomy since 2007. Co-founder of Sirha, he decided to create the Pastry World Cup in 1989, thus giving Pastry the nobility and recognition it deserves.




Photo credit: ©Cook and Shoot by Aline Gérard

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Cap'Recette London is now available !

Discover the brand new Cap'Recette London!

A booklet of 15 recipes created by 15 Chief from London.

That second edition of "Cap'Recette London" has been presided by Pastry Chef Alistair Birt.
15 Londonian Chefs have worked to present these amazing recipes making us travel to their respective universe.

The president, Alistair Birt, Pastry Chef at Harrods, London.

"I was humbled when asked to contribute and even more so when asked to write the editorial. The recipes here show what can be created with antastic produce, technical ability and most importantly, a creative mind. I hope you gain as much inspiration as I did reading them all. Many thanks to the contributing chefs and their teams for the time and effort put into this collaboration, but especially to the team at Capfruit for bringing us all together.."

Alistair Birt

Voir le Cap'Recette Londres

See Cap'Recette London



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Casse-Croûte des Chefs 2018

Event reserved exclusively to professionals.