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Discover our Fruit'Zest range


Capfruit invites you to discover 3 new citrus zest. Until then composed of orange, lemon, lime and kaffir lime zests, the Fruit’Zest Capfruit range is reinforced with the arrival of yuzu, Mandarin and grapefruit. Always guaranteed to be aroma-free, coloring-free and preservative-free, the Fruit'Zest Capfruit will add an exotic color to all your recipes. In baking, cooking or in cocktails, citrus zest is essential for making gourmet and refreshing recipes. A tiny amount of zest is enough to make the difference, and will reveal all the flavors of your creations: ganaches, mousses, cakes, ice creams and sorbets, sweet or savory salads, meat or fish, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks… the possibilities are endless.

Capfruit has implemented a strict policy in terms of pesticide residues, in order to offer a healthy product. Made from fresh citrus, not candied and without added sugars other than those naturally present in the fruit, Fruit'Zest Capfruit will surprise you with their aromatic strength, color and texture.


Fruit’Zest Yuzu

Yuzu is a surprising little citrus fruit that comes from Japan. It offers powerful and exotic flavors, reminiscent of lime, grapefruit and mandarin, all enhanced with floral and peppery notes. Her thick and bumpy skin, a luminous yellow, concentrates all her perfumes. Fruit’Zest Yuzu is a semolina zest made from citrus fruits from Spain. Raw, not candied, and without added sugars other than those naturally present in the fruit, Fruit'Zest Yuzu will bring freshness and originality to all your sweet or savory creations, but also to your cold or hot drinks.



Fruit’Zest Mandarin


Originally from China, today the mandarin is very often cultivated in Italy and Spain. Very fragrant, and appreciated by the youngest, it offers sweet and sweet citrus aromas. Its smooth and orange skin contains a concentrate of aromatic and gourmet fragrances. Our Fruit'Zest Madarine semolina will perfectly complement your sweet and savory preparations, as well as your cocktails or hot drinks. Its flavors and intense color come only from the processed fruit in its raw state. Fruit'Zest Madarine is raw, not candied and without added sugars, other than those naturally present in the fruit.


Fruit’Zest Grapefruit


Grapefruit is a citrus fruit particularly appreciated for its refreshing and balanced flavors between bitterness and acidity. Its smooth skin, yellow in color with rosy reflections, restores all the aromas of the fruit. Fuit’Zest Pamplemousse is made with citrus fruits grown in Spain according to strict specifications in terms of pesticide residues to guarantee a natural and healthy product. Without added sugars, other than those naturally present in the fruit, without aroma or preservative, Fruit'Zest Grapefruit will bring a vitamin and original note to your chocolate preparations, your jams or toppings. It will also perfectly underline the flavors of your dishes and will bring pep to all your drinks.