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Our commitments

" From the Earth to the Plate "

To be a responsible partner in the cultivation, processing and valorisation of fruit in association with the users of our products.

To offer authentic products through the selection of suitable varieties, cultivated on specific soil types to allow all the natural taste to come to the fore and to master, in collaboration with the fruit growers, the cultivation methods we use so as to reduce the use of pesticides.

To guarantee food safety through the setting up of stringent procedures, controlled by a structured organization, and drawn up to meets the constraints of the HACCP method and the ISO 22000 certification.

To ensure a high level of performance through a constant search for improvements at every stage of production thanks to our experience and the ongoing training of our staff.

To invest in the tools required to maintain an innovative offer and so meet the growing demands of our customers in terms of products and services.

To satisfy the users of our products and earn their loyalty through our constant questioning of our working practices and our approach to the markets in which we operate.

To foster the strong notoriety of the company, and so reflect the passion shared by our staff and the users of our products through a convivial environment where the professionals of gastronomy can be sure to have access to the most innovative and creative products to enhance the gustatory experience of their customers.

Our clients:

- Artisans, such as bakers, patissiers, chocolate and ice cream makers, caterers, restaurateurs, chefs, barmen,...

- Industrialists looking to extend their product ranges using more elaborate or stylized products.

In 2011, although 45% of our business was done in France, we are proud to have been present in 57 other countries. Thanks to our partners and distributors, our products are to be found throughout Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.