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Fruit'Elite "Seasonal Flavours" puree Espel'Peach

We selected a white peach from France, the Onyx variety, grown in the Rhône-Alpes region. These peaches are just sweet enough to lend a touch of sugar to the blend, and tart enough to allow the purée to combined with savoury ingredients.

The “pimiento del piquillo” pepper comes from Spain, where it is       covered by a protected designation of origin and grown in only 8   communes in the north of the country. It is a unique ingredient that lends a touch of freshness to the purée.

Finally, Espelette pepper's delicate fragrant intensity and spicy but not fiery taste bring the ensemble to life. This pepper is hand-picked in the Basque Country, in South West France, when it has reached its true red ripeness.

The combination of these three ingredients is perfectly balanced in taste, for a natural result with no added colours, preservatives or     artificial flavours. Fruit’Elite “Seasonal Flavours” Espel’Peach purée will add originality and luxury to all your recipes, whether savoury or sweet, and is the perfect ingredient for sorbets and cocktails when summer comes.

The frozen purée is sold in packs of two 1 kg tubs.